Kingdom Kids aims to bring our children into the supernatural realm of the Holy Spirit. We believe that God wants to use our children as partners in his ministry. Just as an adult hungers for the presence of Jesus so do children. They are wanting to hear His voice and to experience His power. It is our desire to bring children authentic experiences in God’s presence.



Our Kingdom Kids program is designed for Primary School aged children to -  

  • fellowship with children their own age

  • be aware of God’s presence in worship

  • pray confidently and in tongues

  • listen quietly to the Holy Spirit’s voice

  • train in prophecy

  • learn Bible truths in a way that they will understand.


Kingdom Kids is available every Sunday at the 9.45am service & the 2.00pm Persian service.


Laraine Tanzer

Kingdom Kids Leader


Laraine has recently retired as Head of Brisbane Christian College Primary School following 40 years as a primary school teacher. Laraine has also served six years on the mission field in Papua New Guinea which deepened her love for other nationalities and for adventures in God. Laraine loves children and desires to see them enthusiastically loving and serving Jesus in their lives. Laraine is building a strong team of children’s leaders who also love children.

Please contact me if you have any questions about Kingdom Kids.