CREW is for young adults and exists to build a community that is connected, original, generous and influential. We are passionate about young adults connecting with one another, and with God. This amazing group of people is already influencing their world, whether at university, work or home for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Come be part of a generation of young adults growing and pursuing Jesus.



At CREW it’s:

  • A safe place to encounter Jesus.

  • Nights filled with good food to great snacks and caring fellowship

  • A place to apply and adapt a Christ focused lifestyle.

  • A warm home to build healthy relationships.


The CREW meets in a connect group fortnightly at 7pm on Fridays, and at regular Networx church events.


Bree & Michael Forman

CREW Leaders


Michael and Bree met in California while attending the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Michael completed all three years, and Bree completed two years. Both have grown more passionately about Jesus Christ and seeing Heaven invade earth; especially in Australia. Michael grew up in America, while Bree is from the Brisbane area. Her father is Peter Earle, the senior pastor of Networx Church.

If you have any questions about Crew do not hesitate to contact us!